High Quality Baby Accessories Made in POLAND

Soft and unique baby accessories made of top quality fabrics are now available in the US. The products we offer are ultra-soft, cozy and gentle on baby’s skin. They will provide your children with comfort and warmth.

Our Story

Maggie and Maggie, located in Chicago, was created with an idea to introduce beautiful assortment of baby accessories made in Poland. As the importer of children’s accessories, we strive to establish relationships with the top premium brands and thanks to those close contacts we are now able to sell high quality baby accessories here in the US.

Our goal is to create a subtle and happy world for your children. Our number one priority is safety. Our products are made of Oeko-Tex certified fabrics and were tested according to CPSC standards. The products we offer are ultra-soft, cozy and gentle on baby’s skin.

We want to be with your children from the very first day by offering them 100% cotton newborn hats, blankets and towels. We also offer beautiful handmade bunny Effik that is one of the most popular stuffed toy seen on the European shelves. Your children will fall in love with Effik and so will you.

As future and existing mothers, we know how important it is to use the best quality products. Comfort, charm and fabric unique softness are the things that represent the types of products we import. All of our products are simply made with LOVE.

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